Singer. Songwriter. Storyteller. Spellbinder.

Picture the pig-tailed little girl with the hairbrush microphone in the mirror, and you get me.  I've been a singer and songwriter all my life, and any other work I've done has been with music as the life force flowing in me. 

I sang and studied with the best in Oklahoma City.  Jokers Y-ilde Band was the first serious group I performed with, and we jammed! We received regional and national attention, and earned a place in the Oklahoma Historical Society.  We experienced the highs and lows of being a popular dance band, and our breakup was very painful for me, but it gave birth to Prelude Band.  Even more highs and lows followed, and after the tragic murder of our bandleader, our musical and my personal survival required a major transition. The Prelude Band left OKC and moved to Dallas, TX.   We quickly became popular on the dance scene, and I was named a Dallas Diva by Buddy Magazine.   Again, time came for us to go our separate ways, and I ventured into voiceovers,  commercials, theater, and the public school classroom as a middle school language arts teacher. 

Life marches on, and we march with it.

Even with all my other endeavors, I never stopped singing and writing.  All this work gained focus when I began collaborating with Linny Nance, and recently Adam Pickrell, as song producers/arrangers.  These two fabulous musicians gave life to what I heard in my head and felt in my soul. 

I now serve as Music Coordinator at the Center for Spiritual Living Dallas (CSLDallas), my church home for over 30 years.  My learning continues, and I am truly enjoying this new road in the journey!

My songs are a gift to me, a lifetime has passed while writing them, and my return to the music after decades away is coming home to what I've dreamed of.  Time is on our side!  I hope you find your story in these songs.  I am thrilled beyond words to still be here writing and singing and playing with the band, and I am deeply honored to share this music with you!


Open to Love

Candy C. Williams

This funkyjazzycool blend of songs expresses faith in the ups and downs of life. Featured musicians are Linny Nance, Walter Nelson, Rick Rigsby, Brent Nance, Jim Casey, Jonathan Fisher, Alisa Peoples, and Cavin Yarbrough.

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Photograph by Joyce Sanders

Photograph by Joyce Sanders


CSL Dallas

I am grateful to be the Music Coordinator at The Center for Spiritual Living Dallas (CSLDallas).  Stop on in and let us lift your spirit and get you on your feet as we celebrate the glory of Creation and Spirit and Love for all humankind! 

CSL Dallas on Sunday mornings at 10:30 CST and experience the abundant energy for yourself!




Today, Now, thanks to Yesterday and Dreams! 

Straight up, it's a new year, and I'm looking 65 right in the face!  Yes, I did think I'd be 42 all my life, but I must say I'm smarter now that I was then, thank God.

I've got many beautiful videos up and running, with some grand ones from even before I was 42 - invert the numbers, and I'm not kidding, I was 24 or so when they were filmed!  New music coming out, other music still getting born.  THIS is living.  Grateful for all the musicians in all my life who have taught me so much.  We absolutely do not achieve success by our own dang selves, and I got a really great village!  So grateful.

Be love, feel love, have fun! Nothing else matters.

I love you!


I look forward to hearing from you! 

All the best,